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My Priorities
Lead with purpose. Lead with passion!

  • Building Trust and Support

In the United States, there is currently a lot of distrust in many institutions, including the educational system.  Although some distrust the system as a whole, when we think about the individual teachers who instruct and care for our kids, we don't feel this distrust.  As a FHSD board member, I will work to reverse the trend of educational distrust by improving transparency, communication and ensuring a collaborative and trusting relationship with the community. FHSD schools are the place where we send our children, our greatest treasures.  My goal is for our community to trust their children's education and educational environment.

Teachers and administrators need to know that they are respected and appreciated for the work that they do. The distractions and negativity detract from the amazing work Forest Hills School District educators do every day.

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  • Mental Wellness

As a psychologist, I know we need to continually work toward mentally healthy students and staff. As part of this, we need to ensure that every member of our student body feels included and cared about by teachers and peers. All of our children have a cultural heritage. Each of us is a unique being influenced by many cultures including gender, race, religion, ability, language, ethnicity, and many other factors. Each of us should feel included and valued for our own cultural heritage. CARE (Cultural Competency, Advocacy, Relationships, and Empowerment) is focused on ensuring all of our students are truly seen for who they are, see their teachers as advocates for them, have authentic relationships with teachers and each other, and feel empowered to be themselves and achieve great things!

  • Accountability for Financial Decisions and Student Outcomes through Data-Based Decision Making

Fiscal responsibility is tough, especially in education where funds are limited. It is important that we are clear on how funds are being spent, support the most critical elements of staffing, and work to help the community understand the funding challenges and need for levies.

As a board member, I believe it is important to look at our data and ensure that we are best meeting the needs of all of our students. Given the strength of the community and district, are we ensuring all of our students are achieving their highest potential? In particular, are we providing curricula with strong evidence support; are we providing curricula that present diverse views and representations to be relevant to all students; are we offering gifted services and supports, access to AP courses, and remedial intervention supports to all students whose data demonstrate these needs? Equity is about meeting students where they are at and providing the support each needs individually to thrive.

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