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My Priorities
Lead with purpose. Lead with passion!

  • Building Trust and Support

I currently sense many areas of need for building trust and support within the district.

   a) There is currently a lot of distrust in many institutions including educational systems. We need to improve community belief that there has been transparency, and we need to figure out how to better communicate. This trust-building includes fiscal transparency and continuing to explain school funding, as this tends to be an area of distrust. I believe, and state auditor awards would support, that FHSD is a fiscally-responsible district. This needs to continue to be communicated.

   b) Teachers and administrators need to know that they are respected and appreciated for the work that they do. The distractions and negativity detract from the amazing work FHSD educators do everyday. We should be able to look at our data and demonstrate that we are best meeting the needs of all of our students.

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  • Mental Wellness

We need to continue to work toward mentally healthy students and staff. As part of this, working to ensure that our diverse student body feels included and cared about by teachers and peers. CARE had been illegitimately under fire and the work interrupted. This must be addressed.

  • Protecting Public Education

Education is social justice. It is an opportunity to open doors and expand one's opportunities. It is a chance to learn about the world: both more about what we know AND new ideas to become a critical thinker and problem solver. This idea of “educate don't indoctrinate” is a manufactured crisis. In fact, the indoctrination comes from those trying to limit experience or limit education of certain topics, thereby not allowing students the opportunities to understand and make their own decisions  

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