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Meet Wendy

My personal life centers around my three amazing children and wonderful husband – who puts up with me working, teaching, and trying to be a perfect mom. My husband is the band director at Anderson High School and teaches music at Forest Hills elementary and middle schools as well. We are an education family through and through. The individual pictures below are my current favorite representations of my 3 children: Noah is a cool, athletic, teenager, but still a sensitive animal-whisperer with a butterfly landing on his head; Eli is my smart, creative little monkey who keeps me humble about how we keep all kids engaged in school; Ella loves to get out, make friends and have fun, but always in a princess dress. As a family, we are busy enjoying baseball, track, soccer, and Scouts, plus down time for family outings. We cherish family meals and try to work in time to read and relax each day.

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My Career

I received my doctorate in School Psychology from University of Cincinnati in 2004, with a focus on systems change and research-based instruction and intervention. I continued my education at Miami University several years later with a license in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. 


This is my 19th year teaching at Mount Saint Joseph University.  I have taught for many years as adjunct faculty while working in prek-12 education, and four years ago began a full faculty position as an Assistant Professor of Reading Science.


My prior role was District Lead Psychologist in Forest Hills School District. My primary roles involved working under both Curriculum and Student Services to coordinate Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered Systems of Support district-wide, coordinating ESL services, supervising psychologists, and providing staff professional development and coaching in reading, mathematics, instruction, and behavior. In short, I made sure we had assessments and information to know our students’ academics and social performance and needs and then worked to create or improve supports to meet those needs for each child.

Prior to joining Forest Hills, I worked as an educational consultant at Hamilton County Educational Service Center and the Special Education Regional Resource Center. In this role, I worked with many school districts in southwest Ohio to help them implement evidence-based reading practices in grades Pre-K through High School within a Response to Intervention model. Early in my career I worked for four years in Cincinnati Public Schools as a school psychologist at Clifton Elementary and the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies, and Lockland School District K-12. Prior to this, I taught in a preschool classroom for children with Autism in Montreal, Canada. These experiences leave me well prepared to understand and lead through a position on the Forest Hills Board of Education.

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